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Posted by on September 04, 2021 · 2 mins read

My original goal with Machinaris was to create a cohesive platform of Chia farming, plotting, and monitoring tools, all behind an effective WebUI. When I first tried to get Chia farming on Unraid, I found a challenging set of tool integrations, installations, and configurations… all to run Chia on a single computer at the CLI.

So, once I had gone thru this process, I decided to include these utilities into pre-configured and tuned cohesive unit that could be deployed across many different operating-systems. By deploying with a Docker image, much of this setup and configuration headache is avoided.

Two of the key utilities that I built Machinaris upon were Plotman and Chiadog.


Plotman is a command-line plotting manager for controlling the Chia plotter to create plot files. Due to my contribution, Plotman was extended to support the Madmax plotter, making the old Chia plotter irrelevant.

My enhanced Plotman is available on Github and included with every Machinaris Docker image.


Chiadog is a command-line monitoring tool which parses the log file from Chia farmers and harvesters, checking for problems. I have contributed support for monitoring of other blockchains, including Chives. Hopefully this will be useful for others in the community.

My enhanced Chiadog is available on Github and included with every Machinaris Docker image.


Both Plotman and Chiadog are excellent tools in the Chia eco-system. Hopefully they will continue to be developed and supported in the future. As key components of Machinaris, I will do my best to ensure they continue on.

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