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Posted on December 10, 2019

I’ve already covered some good resources for kids wanting to learn more about programming, but there is more out there to learn than coding! We’ve stumbled across a few and had others recommended to us. For your consideration…


Prodigy is an age-appropriate game that makes math a bit more interesting. By combining game elements from RPG and Pokemon games, the math problems presented become a stepping stone to new levels.

Math Battle

Prodigy does a good game of adjusting the level of the questions as your child makes progress.

Math Problem

The tools, such as pencils and erasers, are helpful for kids to work through the problems presented.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science

Mystery Science is a great resource for quick, easy, and interactive lessons that can be done at home. The experiments are hands-on, with supplies found around the house. We’ve used printer, paper, rubber-bands, paper clips, etc.

Full lessons are about an hour in length, some a bit shorter. Long enough to get into the topic, but not so long that your child’s attention is lost. Each lesson includes some short videos, teaching materials, and suggested experiments.

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