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launchers for all

Posted by on December 26, 2018 · 2 mins read

After setting up a Budget Gaming PC for my young sons a Christmas present, I looked into the various online stores for buying and launching games on Windows 10. There are alot of different stores, all vying for gamers’ attention and dollars.

The largest seems to be Valve’s Steam store. I’ve purchased the majority of our games through this store, including just about every Lego game as my boys really love those. While I haven’t needed it, I’ve heard that Valve’s support is quite good.

A recent newcomer is Epic’s gamestore, building on the success of their Fortnite game. So far, I’ve only used this to launch Fortnite and also pick up a free copy of Subnautica.

Another contender is the Battle.net from Blizzard. I’ve enjoyed playing Overwatch and also Destiny 2, but no doubt World of Warcraft is another big draw for this store.

A DRM-free contender is the GOG store, however I haven’t purchased any games from this one yet. Keeping an eye on it however.


There is definitely a lot of choice in the world of PC game stores. Best bet is to watch for the various sales and pick up games when they’re discounted.

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