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elon's presentation

Posted by on September 30, 2022 · 1 min read

Tesla held an AI presentation today, here’s the transcript. Highlights included a new robot platform, improvements to self driving, and a new supercomputer.

Optimus Robot

So, they are previewing a humanoid robot. Looked kind of neat, but pretty early stages, particularly as compared to existing robots like Atlas from Boston Dynamics that can run and jump. Musk himself closed this section by saying their robot will be very powerful in a decade. I’ll check back then.

Full Self Driving

Promised many years ago, Tesla is further improving their “full self driving” functionality in their cars. Their current software is likely level-2, at best level-3, on a 5-level automous driving scale. Tesla and competitors will eventually be able to improve their self-driving, particularly by adding more video/lidarr data and more compute, however it may take many more years.


With respect to their ML compute, they showed “Dojo” a cabinet-based system for modularly extending systems to build a supercomputer. Again, seems like Google and others have been here before, but I competition is always good.


All this seems neat, we’ll have to see what turns out to be real and what is vaporware I suppose.

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