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Posted by on January 12, 2022 · 2 mins read

Office Chair

Recently, my younger son and I were lucky enough to find an old Herman Miller Aeron chair when dumpster diving at a local school after we’d been playing some basketball. However, the seat pan had been cracked, so it wasn’t really useful.

Luckily, Calgary has a Herman Miller dealer - Contemporary Office Interiors and I was able to source a replacement seat pan. Pretty good service considering the chair dates back to at least 2004, based on the model properties.

So, for a small cost, I was able to rehabilitate this discarded Aeron and am now using it as my primary office chair. Very adjustable and comfortable, with great back support!

Gaming Chairs

With the latest waves of COVID, we’re still splitting time between the exploring the great outdoors and cocooning in our house. All the previous indoor activities like malls, theatres, sports, etc are either not open or not safe. So while we’re stuck in the house, particularly during cold snaps, having comfortable furniture is particularly important.

With the two boys both using their PCs a fair amount during evenings and weekends, I am on the lookout for new chairs to complete their desks.

Ikea recently launched a new line of chairs, but due to high demand and supply chain issues, the Matchspel has been out of stock for months now. Its quite difficult to find a reasonably priced desk chair, so we’ll wait a bit longer for stock to come in.

Update: late February of 2022, a site watcher script notified me that the local Ikea finally had some in stock, picked them up that afternoon. So far, the boys like the new Matchspel chairs!

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